Wisdom Beyond East and West

With: Jon Kabat-Zinn PhD, Daniel Siegel MD,

Wisdom Beyond East and West

Session#: 715-418

Once dismissed as esoteric, arcane, and a bit beyond the lunatic fringe, meditation the practice of mindfulness are now highly respected and integrated into many fields, including our own.

But when a new emergence achieves outsized approbation and applause, it can become a sacred cow of sorts, immune to fresh observation, criticism, or even real understanding of its essence and potential relevance. This dialogue will raise a range of provocative questions about the role of mindfulness in therapy today, including:

What are the strengths and limitations of both psychotherapy and mindfulness as methods of behavior change?

What are the common misconceptions and possible misuses of mindfulness that are the product of its widespread application?

What's the future of the mindfulness movement, both in psychotherapy and beyond?

What are the most salient research questions about mindfulness that remain to be answered, or even asked?

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  • Wisdom Beyond East and West