Between Pink and Blue: Exploring Gender Fluidity

With: Jean Malpas

Between Pink and Blue: Exploring Gender Fluidity

Session#: 710-424

Gender, gender identity (the two aren't necessarily the same), and sexual orientation are far more complex than many of us were raised to believe; categories once thought permanent and boundaries impermeable have proven to be neither. In this workshop, we'll explore the concept of gender fluidity and the ways in which we make it acceptable or not. Drawing on clinical tapes, movies, presentations, and discussion, you'll learn how to help children, adults, and families clarify and accept the meaning of their own gender and sexual orientation. We'll identify how our well-meaning assumptions as clinicians may actually constrict not only the growth of our clients, but our own personal and clinical development. We'll also discuss the interpersonal implications and potential healing power for the family of embracing a gender-nonconforming child, spouse, or family member.

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